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  • Date of birth : 29/11/1948 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Political force: "United Democratic Forces" (Union of Democratic Forces, Bulgarian Agrarian People’s Union – "People’s Union" and Democratic Party, Bulgarian Social -Democratic Party, National Movement for Rights and Freedoms) 18.18%;
  • Constituency: 23-SOFIA 1;
  • Member of the previos NA:
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Parliamentary activity
39th National Assembly
Member 05/07/2001 - 17/06/2005
Foreign Policy, Defence and Security Committee
Member 20/07/2001 - 17/06/2005
Human Rights and Religious Affairs Committee
Member 20/07/2001 - 17/06/2005
European Integration Committee
Member 20/07/2001 - 17/06/2005
Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Deputy Representative 03/08/2001 - 17/06/2005
Presented Bills
Parliamentary control