Annual Working Programme of the National Assembly on European Union Issues

  1. Initiative for adoption of European Energy Policy Plan 2010-2014
  2. Revision of the Energy Efficiency Action Plan, adopted 2006 for the period till 2012
  3. Proposal for Regulation on gas supply security measures
  4. Legislative initiatives on post services VAT
  5. Proposal for legislative measures related to the tax avoidance
  6. Proposal for revision of the Regulation on administrative cooperation on VAT
  7. Proposal for amending the Directive for tax on all energy products in view of establishing tax instruments for reducing the CO2 emissions as tax basis for levying tax duty on fuel
  8. Proposal for amendment of Council Regulation 1383/2003, 22 July 2003 concerning the customs actions against goods suspected of infringing certain intellectual property rights and the measures that shall be undertaken on the goods suspected of infringing certain intellectual property rights
  9. Legislative proposals as a follow-up to the Commission Communication on Common Agriculture Policy post 2013
  10. New legislative measures related to simplification of the Common Agriculture policy
  11. Proposal for Council and European Parliament Regulation on determining the responsibilities of the operators supplying the wood market
  12. Proposal for legislative measures related to the implementation of the Strategy on animal health “Prevention is better than cure 2007-2013
  13. Proposal for Directive on patients’ trans-border health services
  14. Proposal for initiatives related to the innovations in the e-Health Action Plan
  15. Proposal for Council Decision on the Community policy on employment after 2010 in the light the Post Lisbon Strategy
  16. Proposal for a Council and European Parliament Directive on EU greenhouse emission
  17. Proposal for measures related to the recast of the First Railway package
  18. Proposal for Commission Regulation on investigation and prevention of civil airport incidents
  19. Proposal for a Strategy for development of the public sector information
  20. Internal Security Strategy and the acts of its implementation
  21. Monitoring the acts and activities of the Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI)
  22. Initiatives on setting- up European Anti-Drug Trafficking Pact
  23. Legislative initiative on the European Parliament and Council Directive on European Arrest Warrant
  24. Regulations on European citizens’ initiative rights
  25. Acts on the EU accession to the European Convention on Human Rights
  26. Proposal for Revision of Regulation (EC) No.44/2001 on jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters
  27. Legislative initiative on the strategic security interest and the fight against terrorism
  28. Measures related to the activities under the Children’s Internet Protection Program and other technologies
  29. Proposal for an integrated EU Youth Framework for cooperation for the period 2010-2018
  30. Strategic Framework for European cooperation in the sphere of Education and Training 2020
  31. Framework Program for Scientific Research and Technology Development
  32. Proposal for a Project of Program on Competition and Innovations
  33. Proposal for legislative for measures related to the indicators monitoring the European Research Community
  34. Strategy for the Danube region