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Declaration on the Signing of a Protocol of Accession to NATO
The National Assembly adopted a declaration on the occasion of the signing of Bulgaria’s Protocol of Accession to NATO.

The document declares Bulgaria’s readiness to complete the reforms necessary for its full NATO membership and to cooperate with the Parliaments of the 19 NATO member countries for a quicker ratification of the accession protocols of the seven invited countries. The Declaration expresses a conviction that as a NATO member Bulgaria will contribute to guaranteeing global security and world peace.

The Declaration states in its preamble that the 39th National Assembly hails the signing by the representatives of NATO member countries on 26 March 2003 in Brussels of Protocols of Accession to NATO with the seven countries invited to join the North Atlantic Treaty.

The Parliament appreciates the key significance of this event in the realization of the country’s strategic foreign political priority of NATO membership.

The document notes that the National Assembly sees the signing of a Protocol of Accession to NATO to be the result of Bulgaria’s consistent foreign policy since 1990. This policy found an eloquent expression in Bulgaria’s participation in the coalition formed in connection with the Gulf crisis in 1990 and support for the Desert Storm operation, as well as this country’s actions as a NATO ally during the Kosovo crisis in 1999, it says. Following the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, Bulgaria continued this policy by joining the global anti-terror coalition which found expression in its acceding to ISAF in Afghanistan and Bulgaria’s efforts for solving the Iraqi crisis.

The Declaration voices deepest regret that after 13 years of international community’s efforts, including within UN, EU and NATO, and after 16 UN Security Council Resolutions, all possible peaceful means for solving the Iraqi crisis were exhausted and the use of force became necessary on the grounds of Resolutions 678, 687 and 1441 in connection with Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.

The document expresses approval of Bulgaria’s policy in defence of national interests which found expression in the National Assembly Declaration of 21 September 2001 on combating terrorism, the National Assembly Resolution of 7 February 2003 on the Iraqi crisis, which outlined the framework of Bulgaria’s participation in the coalition to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction in compliance with UN Security Council Resolutions, as well as in the Government’s actions in implementation of these commitments.
It voices hope for a fast solution of the crisis with minimum casualties and damage, which will clear a path for peaceful and democratic future of Iraq and its people.

The declaration considers the signing of the Accession Protocols as a landmark in the preparation process for NATO membership and considerable success for Bulgaria, which is a result of this country’s achievements in the domestic and international field, as well as of its preparation for NATO membership.
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