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The Bulgarian Parliament Paid Respect to the Fire Victims in the Train Sofia-Kardam with a Minute of Silence.
The National Assembly paid respect to the 9 victims who perished in the fire on the train Sofia - Kardam with a minute of silence at its plenary sitting on March 5, 2008.
At the beginning of the sitting the National Assembly Chairman said :

" Dear colleagues today the country has declared National Mourning Day to pay tribute to the victims of this terrible accident. I personally, and every institution in the country has to take the most adequate measures in response to the public expectations for clarifications of what the causes for the tragedy were and prevent the occurrence of such accidents in the future.

I want to inform you that all parliamentary groups agreed on the following: the National Assembly bears the responsibility to set up a special Committee to investigate the legislative gaps that might have contributed to the accident. A complete overview of the legislation regulating the Railway Transportation System and the possible amendments necessary for its unencumbered operation.
It has been agreed that such a tragic accident should not be politicized and made a subject of speculations and activities undermining the prestige of the National Assembly and the undertaking of the most adequate measures in the future.

On third place the National Assembly Committee on investigation of the accident by no means can replace the activities that has to be launched by the competent state institutions in order to define the responsibilities of each one.
The establishment of a Committee for Investigation has to be formulated in a draft resolution of the National Assembly. It has to be agreed by all parliamentary groups by the end of the day and put to vote. The two parliamentary Committees - on Transport and Communications and Policy on Natural Disasters and Accidents, should have a common gathering to define the tasks and the organization of the Investigation Committee so that it can resolve the issues promptly and suggest legislative amendments as soon as possible".
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