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The National Assembly Adopted a Decision to establish an Ad Hoc Committee for Investigation on the train Sofia - Kardam accident, on February 28, 2008
On its sitting, on March 6, 2008 the National Assembly adopted a decision to establish an Ad - Hoc Committee for investigation of the facts surrounding the tragic accident on the train Sofia-Kardam and the current Railway Transportation safety legislation. The Committee consists of 14 MP - 4 members from the parliamentary group of Coalition for Bulgaria, 2 from the National Movement Simeon II, 2 from the Movement for Rights and Freedom, the rest from other parliamentary groups. Kamen Kostadinov(MRF) has been nominated as Chairman of the Committee.
The Minister of Transport, Petar Mutafchiev has introduced the MP in the chronology of events, and the steps taken by the Ministry of Transport and other Institutions in the country in connection with the accident.
The National Assembly approved on first reading the amendments in The Public Education Act. The amendments foresee a ban for teachers to provide private services to students when a conflict of interest is present. They will be obliged to submit written declarations to the headmaster whether they have provided private lessons during the previous year. If they fail to submit the declaration, or falsify its content, teachers will be subjected to disciplinary measures. The amendments have also detailed provisions, relating to the State Final Examinations for the Secondary level of Education.
The Bill foresees not to close protected schools in order not to impede the access to education.
The Government will prepare a list of these schools and the way for their financing.
The National Assembly adopted on second reading the amendments in The Tourism Act and on first reading The Regional Development Act. It coninued the debate, on first reading, over The Defence and Armed Forces Act of Republic of Bulgaria.
The Bill onThe Management of Condominium Properties Act was also discussed on first reading.
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