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The National Assembly Discussed on Second Reading the Amendments in The Social Security Code regarding Early Retirement
The National Assembly discussed on second reading yesterday March 12,2008 amendments in the Social Security Code about the terms for early retirement. The proposal is to drop the date fixed on 31.12.2009 and to introduce immediately the rule giving right to people who have worked for 10 years under the conditions of Category First of the Code, or 15 years under Category Second to retire if they meet the necessary requirements for years of work and age, but not earlier than 47 years old for women and 52 years old for men under Category First and 52 for women and 57 for men under Category Second respectively.
The changes provide for workers, professional staff of technicians and engineers and the managers of construction projects, including those underground in the mining industry, geological and hydrological research to be able to retire early on the condition that they have worked and contributed to the social security funds for 10 years and the total of their age number and recognized years of work is 90 and they have reached the age of 47 for women and 52 for men.

The MPs discussed on first reading the amendments of the Social Security Code affecting the staff of the State Agency for National Security, submitted by the Council of Ministers.

The Assembly discussed draft resolutions on changes in the membership of two Standing Committees.
It has debated on second reading the amendments in the Territorial Planning Act, submitted by the Council of Ministers.
The Report on the state of the Environment for 2005 was also brought to the attention of the Assembly, as was the Bill for the establishment of a Bulgarian Bank for Development (on first reading) and a ratification Bill on the International Convention on the Employment.
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