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Amendments in the Forests Act, approved on first reading, foresee the launch of a National Fund “Bulgarian Forest”.
On its sitting, on 14 March 2008, the National Assembly approved on first reading amendments in the Forests Act. The amendments foresee the creation of a National Fund “Bulgarian Forest”. The amendments are submitted by Vasil Kalinov and a group of MPs. Members of parliament approved two amending Bills on this subject. The Kalinov’s Bill provides for the state forest guard services to register as state enterprises. According to this Bill it will lead to the release of 5200 state employees from the public sector in the forestry field. The aim is to separate the economic from the supervising functions in this branch. The idea is to make the economic activity to be carried out by state enterprises, registered as state forestry and hunting companies under the provisions of the Trade Act, while the supervising functions should be taken by the State Forests Agency and the Regional Forests Directorates.

MPs voted on second reading the amending Bill on the Act against Human Trafficking, introduced by the Council of Ministers and the amending Bill on The Protection of Endangered Persons, Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings.

The Parliament approved on first reading a Ratification Bill on 3 treaties with India, submitted by the Council of Ministers.

It discussed on second reading amendments in The Fishery and Aquacultures Act.

During the parliamentary control time questions from parliamentarians were
answered by Radoslav Gaydarski, Minister of Health, Nihat Kabil, Minister of Agriculture and Food Supply and Rumen Petkov, Minister of Interior.
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