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Reduction of Value Added Tax on Drugs foreseen by amendments, discussed on first reading
First reading of two bills on amendments in the Value Added Tax Act provide for cutting on drugs taxation. At present the VAT for drugs amounts to 20 %. The changes introduced by MP Vanio Sharkov and a group of MPs fix the figure to 5 %. The report of the Finance and Budget Committee points out that the proposed amendments are not supported by the Ministry of Finance.

Parliament adopted on second reading amendments in the Heath Insurance Act. The changes envisage for women over 60 years old and men over 63 to pay a tax of 1 lev for a doctor’s visit. The difference between the present tax of 2.20 lv. and the new one will be covered by the State’s Budget.

National Assembly discussed on first reading amendments in the Liability of the State and Municipalities for Damages Inflicted to Citizens Act. The so called simple tax for initiating a law suit is introduced.
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