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National Assembly Debates National Ombudsman’s Annual Report
June 5 2008

National Assembly debated the National Ombudsman’s Annual report for 2007. The document has to be approved tomorrow. Representatives of all parliamentary groups commented on the conclusions and recommendations made in the report. They all agreed that the report is focused on problems that require ongoing efforts in order to find solution.
National assembly chairman Georgi Pirinski stressed that the document draws the attention on a number of particularly severe and painful problems of society’s daily life . He added that parliament should respond to the conclusions made in the report by using its competence and legislative authority and through exercising parliamentary control. He wished the Ombudsman and his team to continue to be up- to -date and to draw the attention of society and institutions over the problems of citizens.
Ombudsman Ginio Ganev defined the discussion as being intense and fruitful and expressed his hope that the expectations towards the Ombudsman’s institution will grow. He promised to continue to defend the interests of citizens. He emphasized that the European Union is not a union of states, nations or communities but union of the citizens and on the top of its values stands the human rights and the rights of every individual.
Parliament, at this sitting, further discussed on first reading, amendments to the Underground natural riches act. In future the procedure for granting permit for search and exploration for extraction of natural resources concessions will take not less than 45 and no more than 90 days.
MPs discussed on first reading amendments in the Civil Aviation Act. They provide for an additional remuneration of 35 % for the employees of Directorate “Civil Aviation Administration”.
MPs discussed also the Annual report for the implementation of the Administrative courts’ legislation and their activities during 2007.
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