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More Money for Salaries in the Aviation Administration Envisaged in the Amended Civil Aviation Act
The approved amendments of the law on first reading, on June 6 2008, foresee a 35 % increase to the salaries of the employees of Directorate “Civil Aviation”. The Bill aims at transposing the European legislation in the field of aviation into the national law. It introduces the common European rules regarding civil aviation safety. The Bill suggests also amendments in the Tourism Act concerning the rights of people with disabilities and those with limited mobility using air transportation.

Parliament accepted the 2007 Annual report of the Ombudsman of Bulgaria and its conclusions and recommendations for better governance in favor of citizens.

MPs approved on first reading amendments in the Underground Natural Riches Act. The procedures for granting permits for preliminary research and extraction and for the provision of concessions for extraction of natural resources will be not less that 45 and no longer than 90 days. Procedures concerning oil and natural gas will take from 90 to 120 days. The amendments introduce new optimal surfaces allowed for research and extraction for each group of natural resources. The amendments, submitted by the Council of Ministers, transpose the requirements of the European directives.

National Assembly went on debating the report of the Supreme Judicial Council concerning the work of the administrative courts in the country during 2007.
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