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National Assembly Assigns National Audit Office to Verify the Allocation of Funds of the European Union
June 20th 2008

The proposal to audit the regularity of European funds allocation was made by Mladen Cherveniakov and a group of MPs and was voted unanimously with 114 votes. The Audit Office is to make two audits starting July 1st and ending 31 December 2008. The final report will be delivered to the Assembly by 28 February 2009. The first audit has to review the management of the structural and cohesion funds including the 7 operative programmes like Transport, Environment, Human Resources and Administrative Capacity Development. The second audit will examine the implementation of the National Strategic Plan for rural areas development and the National Plan in the field of fishing and aquaculture.
MPs passed on first reading amendments to the Pharmaceuticals in Human Medicine Act and on second reading the amendments to the State Social Security Budget for 2008.
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