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Georgi Pirinski Turns First Sod of Bulgarian Volunteers' in the Russo-Turkish War Monument in Sofia
25 June 2008

National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski turned on June 25 2008 the symbolic first sod of the monument of Bulgarian volunteers in the Russo-Turkish war, which is to be erected behind the Central military club in the capital.

“It is worth to keep this day in our memories. It comes as a result of a very noble initiative to perpetuate the heroic deeds of the Bulgarian volunteers, who proved that freedom is not a present coming from without, but one achieved by the sacrifice of the Bulgarian people”, said the chairman of the Bulgarian parliament in his address to those present. He noticed that the location of the monument in the heart of Sofia was very suitable for everyone to take a look at the figure of the Bulgarian hero, still present in the minds of every Bulgarian child and citizen.

The National Assembly Chairman defined as noble the work to build such a monument, started by the Organizing committee and one that has found the sympathy and support of thousands of Bulgarian citizens.

The monument is expected to be inaugurated at the end of August and his height will be around 7 meters. It will depict a bronze statue of a volunteer carrying the Samara flag.
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