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Georgi Pirinski Confers with Civil Society Representatives Over a Draft Law Providing for Citizens’ Direct Participation in Government
26 June 2008

National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski met on 26 June 2008 with representatives of civil associations “Justice” and “Bolkanassist”, who on 18 June 2008 made public their declaration in support of a Bill envisaging direct participation of citizens in government and asked to meet the chairman of the National Assembly.
The participants at the meeting shared the idea that the bill should be included in the plenary sittings agenda for next week (2-4 July 2008). They also shared the view that during the deliberations of the Bill on first and second reading, parliament should remain in direct contact and dialogue with the civil society structures.
At the same time they agreed that constant exchange of information, ideas and suggestions should be encouraged on the level of parliamentary committees and local and national civil society formations. According to the parties in the meeting such dialogue is extremely necessary for citizens need to be informed about parliament’s proceedings and have to be able to voice their expectations and make suggestions regarding the work of parliamentary members.
The meeting was attended by Ivo Atanassov, parliamentary Civil Society and Media Committee Chairman.
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