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In a Letter to his Counterparts in Afghanistan and India Georgi Pirinski Condemned the Terrorist Attack against the Embassy of India in Kabul
7 July 2008

National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski sent condolences to the parliamentary Speakers of Afghanistan and India in regards with the terrorist attack against the embassy of India in the capital Kabul that led to tenths of casualties and hundreds of injured civilians.

“Please accept mine and those of members of Bulgaria’s parliament most sincere condolences and compassion for the victim’s families and relatives.” says the telegram.

“We condemn decisively and explicitly the terrorist attack. We completely share the understanding that there is no justification whatsoever for such a cruel attempt on the life of innocent people. While confirming the support of Republic of Bulgaria for our friend Afghanistan I express my confidence that this brutal act won’t stop your efforts for a democratic development and lasting stability” states Chairman Pirinski’s letter to his counterpart in the People's Council of the National Assembly of Afghanistan Yunos Qanuni.

“I am shocked by the news for the bloody assault on the Embassy of India in Kabul that led to the perish of diplomatic officials and to tenths of innocent afghan civilians. I am convinced that this brutal act will not stop the common efforts and support for the democratic development and stability of Afghanistan “is written in the letter to the India’s Parliament Speaker Somnath Chatterjee.
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