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French Ambassador Etienne de Poncins Presents in the National Assembly Priorities of France’s EU Presidency. Expects Report of EU Commission on Bulgaria to be Objective
10 July 2008

He was positive that the upcoming monitoring report on Bulgaria by the European Commission would be objective, and would account for positive developments such as the setting up of a State National Security Agency DANS and the appointment of a new Deputy PM in charge of EU funds.
The French Ambassador to Sofia presented Thursday at a joint sitting of the Parliamentary Committees on European Affairs and Economic Policy the priorities of France's EU Presidency.
In his statement, Ambassador Etienne de Poncins said France was going to concentrate on a package combining energy policy and climate change, migration policy, agriculture, and common defense policy.
His Excellency underscored that the motto of the French Presidency was "Humility and Responsibility".
In answering a question of the Bulgarian Minister on EU Affairs Gergana Grancharova, Ambassador de Poncins said the safeguard clause against the Bulgarian transport aviation would likely be lifted during the French Presidency.
His Excellency also pointed out that the bilateral economic relations had to be intensified, as the French investments in Bulgaria were still insufficient.
He said the two states were going to continue their traditional cooperation in the military and political spheres.
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