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Parliament Rejects the Non Confidence Motion Against the Government
30 July 2008

The National Assembly rejected today the non confidence motion against the government on the grounds of “government failure to conform to the rules applying to a member state of the EU and the appropriation of the EU funds. The motion was initiated by 84 deputies. The draft resolution against the government was backed by 84 members of parliament, 150 repealed the motion and 1 abstained.

At its sitting, dated 30 July 2008, NA passed the amendments to the Family Allowances for Children Act. The Law makes available a one time financial aid to mothers of children with 50 % or more permanent disabilities. The amount of the allowance will be determined annually within the State Budget Act.
The family allowances will be provided in a non monetary form when parents do not take good care of their children and will aim at giving children equal opportunities in their upbringing, education, health care and socialization. The allowance is to be granted by the local Social Assistance Services following a standard, approved by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, application form. The denial to grant the allowance has to be motivated and the applicant informed within 7 days.

The Parliament ratified a Loan Agreement between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation and a Contract between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium for the purchase of two frigates WIELINGEN (E-71) class and Flower Class minesweeper.

MPs adopted at second reading changes to the Commercial Navigation Code and to to the Pharmaceuticals in Human Medicine Act. They appointed the auditors of the 2007 Annual financial report of the Audit Office and launched the debates on the Bulgarian Cultural Heritage Act.
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