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A Documentary Exhibition at the National Assembly Presents the Original Manifesto of Ferdinand I Towards the Bulgarian People with Regards to the Declaration of Independence of Bulgaria
September 11th 2008

The exhibition presenting the original Declaration for the Unification of Bulgaria is named: “Bulgarian Independence”. It was organized with the assistance of the State Agency “Archives” and is consecrated to the 100th Anniversary since the proclamation of the Independence of Bulgaria on 22 September 1908 in Veliko Turnovo.

The exposition was opened by the National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski who expressed his gratitude for the opportunity given to the National Assembly to present it first to the public. He stressed that the Bulgarian parliament has an important contribution to the preparations, the proclamation and the international recognition of the Independence.

The Speaker of Parliament announced the special event which is to be held at the NA on the 17th of September 2008 when the book authored by Georgi Markov and titled “The Independence of Bulgaria during the crisis on the Balkans in the 1908-1909” is to be introduced.
The Member of Parliament from Coalition for Bulgaria, historian prof. Andrey Pantev, emphasized that the Unification of Bulgaria became legitimate no sooner than the Declaration of the Independence. He defined this historic moment figuratively as “the final chord of the martyrdom” of the Bulgarian people.

The Independence was reached through the efforts and adroitness of the Bulgarian diplomacy – noticed Boyana Bojashka, head of the “Archives”. According to her the proclamation of the Independence was the most dazzling example of the unity of the Bulgarian people. She stressed that the documentary exhibition launches a national program combining numerous events to mark the 100th Anniversary of the remarkable date and informed the public that such exhibit of the original Manifesto happens very rarely.
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