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Georgi Pirinski Sends Congratulatory Address to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on Occasion of the 139th Anniversary of its Foundation
October 10, 2008

The address in regard to the 139th anniversary of the foundation of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was sent to the President, academician Nikola Sabotinov. In the address Georgi Pirinski extends his wishes for health, well-being and new achievements to all academicians, corresponding members, researchers and staff of the Academy.

In his letter, the Chairman of the Bulgarian parliament expresses his confidence that the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences will further assert its image as a national scientific and research center capable of successfully integrating into the highly competitive surroundings of the European Union.
The letter further states: “I share the understanding that the Academy needs the unconditional support of the state institutions and the civil society in order to be able to carry on its mission and for Bulgarian scientists to be highly appreciated and needed partners in the international scientific exchange.

I would like to assure you that in this respect you will always have the support of our parliament. This year we also celebrate the 170th birthday anniversary of Marin Drinov, the founder of the Bulgarian Literary Society and I am confident that its successor, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences will continue to bear and champion that very spirit and ideals built in the foundations of our contemporary science “writes Georgi Pirinski.
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