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National Assembly Approves at First Reading Changes in the Labor Code
October 15, 2008

The changes in the Labor Code, approved at first reading on October 15, 2008, were moved by the Council of Ministers. They provide 15 days additional paid leave to fathers of newborn babies. The changes introduce a fine of BGN 10 000 for employers in cases when the Labor Inspection authorities discover, on the premises of the employer, someone working without employment contract. The bill also makes it mandatory for workers and employees to participate in programs aiming at improving their professional skills. The employers are obliged to register every employment contract at the local tax office. This information will be passed from the local tax offices to the local labor inspection authorities.
Parliament further approved at first reading, three bills regulating the political parties in Bulgaria – the different bills were tabled by the Coalition of Bulgaria, the National Movement Simeon II, and by an Independent member of parliament.
MPs passed at first reading amendments to the Municipal Debt Act, to the Special Pledges Act and to the Protection of Competition Act.
National Assembly is to vote a Declaration, condemning the incident of political violence which occurred during the local elections on October 11, 2008 in Petrich.
At second reading were adopted the Agreement between the Governments of Bulgaria and Azerbaijan for the elimination of the double income and assets taxation and the amendments to the Public Procurement Act.
Discussions over a bill regulating the National emergency call system using the pan European 112 number were launched at the same sitting of parliament .
Deputies deliberated as well, on second reading, a bill aiming at countering the Conflict of Interests.
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