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Parliament Adopts at First Reading Bill Regulating National Emergency Call System Using Pan European Number 112
October 17, 2008

The bill, that passed at first reading on October 17, 2008, was tabled by the Council of Ministers. The draft introduces fines from BGN 2000 to 5000 for false or misleading calls on regular services and up to BGN 20 000 when emergency services are involved. The second offense is punished with twice that amount. The draft regulates the structure of the National emergency call system, the communications and exchange of information between the different call centers, particularly when urgent care is concerned.
During question time, PM Sergey Stanishev, Deputy PMs Daniel Vulchev, Emel Etem , Meglena Plugchieva and Ministers Oresharski, Mikov, Vassilev and Dimitrov answered questions.
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