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The Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Expresses Gratitude for Bulgaria’s Consistent Support for His Country’s Integration Into the Euro - Atlantic Structures
October 22, 2008

The Chairman of the Croatian Sabor (Parliament) voiced his gratitude for the consistent support of Bulgaria for his country’s joining into NATO. The National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski met with his Croatian colleague on 22nd October 2008. Mr. Bebic is heading a parliamentary delegation, paying an official visit to Bulgaria.

During the talks, the Croatian Head of Parliament noted that Bulgaria was among the first countries to ratify the Protocols of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on the accession of the Republic of Croatia. He mentioned that the parliament of his country has the ambition to adopt around 120 new laws aiming to harmonize his country’s legislation with the one of the EU and so to complete successfully the requirements for accession.

Mr. Pirinski reiterated the Bulgarian consistent support for the full integration of Croatia into the Euro-Atlantic Structures. He also stressed his satisfaction with the positive developments in the negotiations for the EU accession of Croatia. He said both parliaments should work for the successful European future of the countries in this part of the continent.

Luka Bebic said that the two countries had no unresolved issues but only a broad way for cooperation and the two countries should discuss the opportunities for development and enhancement of the bilateral relations. Georgi Pirinski noticed that the two countries had the potential to develop further the economic and trade cooperation. The parties shared the opinion that energy, infrastructure and security were the spheres for cooperation of mutual interest.

Georgi Pirinski expressed the gratitude and appreciation of Bulgaria about the good status and treatment on behalf of the Croatian authorities in respect to the Bulgarian minority in Croatia.

Later on, both chairmen attended the inauguration of an exhibition showing the official ratification ceremony of the Protocol to the NATO Treaty on the accession of Croatia. The exhibition shows the role of the young generation and the NGOs in the North Atlantic cooperation in the region in which Bulgaria plays a leading role.
The Croatian parliamentary delegation is scheduled to meet with PM Sergey Stanishev and Bulgaria‘s Vice President Angel Marin.

The Bulgarian National Assembly is to pass the ratification of the NATO Protocol for the accession of Croatia at its sitting on October 23, 2008.
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