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National Assembly President’s Address on the Occasion of the Constituting of the 39th National Assembly 2 Years Ago
Today the President of the National Assembly Prof. Ognian Gerdjikov spoke on the occasion of constituting of the 39th National Assembly two years ago.

First he reminded of the inauguration of the 39th National Assembly, on 5 July 2001, chaired by the distinguished late MP Svetoslav Luchnikov, when the newly elected MPs took the oath to observe the Constitution and the laws of the country and in all their actions to be guided by the interests of the people.

Now, in mid-mandate, we can see the expectations of the Bulgarian citizens from us and our work are as high as ever, he said.

For two years now the Bulgarian Parliament has undeniable been a true source and safeguard of the political stability of the country, added Prof. Gerdjikov.

With its extremely busy legislative agenda and parliamentary control, the 39th National Assembly has contributed to the development of democracy, to the productive functioning and collaboration between the institutions in the Bulgarian state, he stated.

Prof. Gerdjikov identified as one of the 39th NA’s greatest achievements its ability to seek consensus on crucial for Bulgaria decisions.

In conclusion, the President of the National Assembly thanked all his colleagues MPs for their intensive work in the parliamentary committees and in plenary and wished them even more successful work in future. He expressed his gratitude to the administrative staff of the National Assembly for their dedicated high-quality work, as well as to the Advisory Council on Legislation for its competent and valuable support.
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