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We are ready for an open dialogue with protesters who can present and defend their demands, says the chairman of the National Assembly Georgi Pirinski
January 15, 2009

We are ready for an outright dialogue with protesters who could present and defend their demands, stated Georgi Pirinski from the plenary floor on January 15, 2009.
He recalled that at numerous occasions he had expressed readiness to receive representatives of all the groups protesting in front of the National Assembly, willing to meet with him or with other MPs. He mentioned that yesterday he had suggested such option to the protesters outside the NA but they had not agreed, asking to present their demands outside the premises.
He stressed that today he, as well as other members of parliament were again ready to receive protesters’ spokespersons.
He reminded that on December 19, 2008 he had received representatives of two student and ecological organizations. As a result of the meetings, today in parliament are to be discussed amendments to the Structure of the Territory Law. He went on to say that he met with the Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Forestry to discuss issues concerning the Forestry Law and as a result currently there were several drafts for amendments, moved in parliament, reflecting exactly the demands presented by the above organizations.
The government had organized on December 22, 2008 together with the Municipal authorities of Sofia, a joint meeting to discuss the issues of the city student campus and take on practical measures to change and improve students’ living conditions. It was agreed back than that on January 15, 2009, a new meeting would be held by the Municipality to review what has been done.
The chairman of the National Assembly called upon MPs to recognize the numerous problems accumulated throughout the years and the fact that the state and the executive branch have the duty to increase and to persevere in their efforts, on a daily basis, in order to meet the public expectations, including the ones for regulatory changes. The process involves direct contacts with protesters who are able to formulate, present and defend their demands.
He also mentioned that on December 19, 2008 among the protesters was a group of people who refused to enter into the parliament and recalled that he tried to address and convince them to do so to no avail.
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