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National Assembly Deliberates on the 2007 Annual Report on Youth
January 21, 2009

According to the data, provided by the State Agency for Youth and Sports, the trend for many young people to spend most of their time in front of computers puts them in serious danger. The institution is planning to work on a package of measures, disseminated via Internet aimed at educating young people about safety precautions on the work with computers and how to prevent themselves of engaging in dangerous contacts, while surfing the Internet. As an alternative, the institution proposes the funding with priority of such projects for young people, which will give them opportunities to establish networks with different cultures and to be involved in regular sport and creative activities.

According to a sociological study, the young people in the country are very alienated from the important issues of the society and find it difficult to think in terms of politics and to form political views. The Agency suggests the establishment of a high school educational course, aimed at explaining students the meaning and mechanisms of politics. The annual report for 2007 of the Agency shows an increase in the pessimistic outlook of the youth, regardless of the unemployment decrease and the improvements in the material standards of life and consumption. In their minds the model of the current market society looses the competition with the imagined picture of the previous one. The only issue that shows a positive trend in the answers is the sense of “freedom”.

The report notes that the state has to establish polices to intervene in such problem areas as the growing illiteracy, the early dropping of high school, the prevailing of poverty among certain ethnic groups and the sharp differentiation in the expectations for the future among youngsters.
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