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National Assembly Launches This Year’s “Plant a tree” Campaign
March 25, 2009

Organizers of the annual spring event “Plant a tree” in the National Assembly were the parliamentary Environment and Waters Committee, the Environment and Waters Ministry and the State Forests Agency. It was held in the parliamentary club.

The initiative brings again the strong message urging everyone to become part of the campaign for planting new forests. In his address chairman Pirinski emphasized the importance of this cause which he defined as national and having no political color or affiliation and a cause that merits to be embraced by everyone.

Guests to the event were students from a school in the town of Lukovit who last year have planted 8 decares of forests or equal to 2000 new trees, as well as other high school students, active in the noble endeavour.

The event was also marked by a concomitant exhibition of books printed on recycled paper under the title “Reverence to You Nature” organized by the National Literary Museum and by a placement of plaque dedicated to the initiative on the grounds in front of the National Assembly’s building .

The National campaign “Plant a tree” was launched in 2008 by the National Assembly, urging all members of parliament, governors and mayors in the country to join. During 2008 those involved mostly were high and university students.
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