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The National Assembly Adopted Declaration on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of NATO and the 5th Year since Bulgaria Joined the Alliance
3 April, 2009

The National Assembly adopted a declaration in regards with the 60th Anniversary of the foundation of NATO and five years of Bulgaria’s accession to the Alliance. With the Declaration, the Bulgarian parliament confirms its devotion to the values shared by the NATO allies, and reaffirms its commitment to support on parliamentary level the organization. The Declaration also emphasizes the satisfaction of Bulgaria regarding the new enlargement, the third one after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which now includes seven new member countries. The Bulgarian parliament states its confidence that the eastward enlargement process of NATO will facilitate the full and speedy integration of the whole region of the Balkans. The Bulgarian National Assembly expresses its support for the priorities set by the Alliance, particularly in Afghanistan.

The Declaration states the expectation of Bulgaria that the cooperation between NATO and the EU will raise to a new level. The NA fully supports the conclusions reached in the report of the European Parliament that NATO plays an important role in the defense architecture of the EU. It recognizes the most important priority of the Alliance as to win the approval and support of the public throughout the world.
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