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Georgi Pirinski Congratulates Healthcare Professionals of Bulgaria on their Holiday and World Health Day
April 7, 2009

Georgi Pirinski has sent greetings to the Minister of Health Evgeniy Zhelev on the occasion of 7th April, the day honoring Bulgarian healthcare professionals and also pronounced as the World Health Day by the United Nations.

In his letter the speaker of parliament says:

“It is a particular pleasure for me to greet through you all Bulgarian doctors, nurses and health workers and to wish them good health, personal happiness and a lot of success in their highly humane profession.

I avail myself of the opportunity to share my profound conviction that Bulgarian health professionals truly deserve the high recognition and esteem of the society for their difficult mission to care for other people’s health and life.

I believe that you are aware of the fact that health care issues were among the priorities of the 40th National Assembly. The parliamentary Commission on Health Care was very active and in constant interaction with the civil sector and patients’ organizations. Along with adopting laws with respect to health care, MPs have stated at many occasions their commitment to fight socially significant diseases by organizing forums with broad public participation and adopting numerous declarations on health issues.

At the same time we realize that more efforts are required on our behalf in order to secure an accessible, up to date, high quality health care to every Bulgarian citizen.”
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