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The National Assembly Celebrated the 130th Anniversary of the Constituent Assembly and the Adoption of the Constitution of Tarnovo
April 16, 2009
The National Assembly marked officially on 16 April, 2009 the 130th anniversary of the Constituent Assembly of Bulgaria and the adoption of the first Turnovo Constitution.

The deputies voted unanimously an address to the Bulgarian people with regards to the anniversary. The address states that the anniversary is an opportunity for all Bulgarians to reflect on the spirit and strength of their ancestors who made possible the existence of contemporary Bulgaria and who found the democratic parliamentary model for development of the country.

The address further points to the challenges faced by Bulgaria today, namely to preserve the constitutional democratic rules, to make them viable and a true guarantee to the rights of its citizens and to the state itself.

In his speech Georgi Pirinski called on everyone to look upon the example set by the deputies of the Constituent Assembly, to look back on their inspirations and disappointments, as well as their accomplishments in the process of adopting the Constitution of Tarnovo. He emphasized that concentrating on their experiences could help us assume our responsibilities and outline our objectives in promoting Bulgaria as a democratic, lawful and social state.

Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev addressed also the assembly. In his speech he said that the celebration not only highlights the anniversary of the establishment of the democratic constitutional traditions in Bulgaria, but was also an occasion to sum up its achievements as a contemporary nation and state and a ground for reflection upon the long term prospects and vision of its future.

The official observance in the National Assembly was attended by Bulgaria’s President Georgi Purvanov and by Vice President Angel Marin, ministers, high magistrates, the Bulgarian ombudsman, various religious denominations’ representatives, members of the diplomatic community, state officials and local governments, civic organizations, academia and news media representatives.

The event went on with the performance of the Bulgarian National Radio children’s choir of the anthems of Bulgaria and Europe and the laying of wreaths on the tomb of Petko Karavelov, one of the founding fathers.
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