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National Assembly Adopts Defense and Armed Forces Act
April 29, 2009

The said Act adopted by the National Assembly on 29 April 2009 foresees the future defense of the country to be integrated and put under a joint leadership. The Ministry of Defense will consist of a central administration, the Bulgarian armed forces, the military academies and post secondary military schools, the departments “Military Information” and “Military Police”. The Defense Ministry Central administration will consist of the Defense Staff, the specialized and general administrations organized under several directorates.

The Defense Chief will be heading the Bulgarian Army and will be subordinated to the Minister of Defense and will be in charge of the army preparedness. The Defense Chief will be the most senior ranking military official and will be in charge with the Bulgarian army’s staff. The law foresees one Deputy Defense Chief. The Defense Chief will execute its powers directly or through the Commander of the Joint Commandment, the Land Forces, Air Forces and Navy Chiefs and the Chief of Army Provisions and Maintenance.

The new act envisages a free 7 day vacation in the sanatoriums belonging to the Defense Ministry of the military personnel and their families after their return from a mission abroad. The military will be entitled to a free housing in the course of their service and will have the right to purchase it after 15 years spent in the military. Those who have been part of risky and dangerous missions abroad acquire this right after 10 years of service. Civilians working in the Defense Ministry will have the right to buy a dwelling from the Ministry’s housing fund after 15 years of constant work. The law also regulates the successful transition of military personnel to civilian life providing schooling, professional counseling and jobs, preparation courses of up to six months aimed at helping with carriers and employment out of the military.
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