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A strategy for continuing the reform of the Judiciary in terms of Bulgaria’s full membership in the European Union presented at a roundtable in the National Assembly
May 17, 2010

A strategy for continuing the reform of the judicial system in the framework of Bulgaria’s membership in the European Union was presented on May 17, 2010 at a round table in the National Assembly. The forum, organized by the Ministry of Justice was attended by the National Assembly Chair Tsetska Tsacheva, MPs from the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Security and Public Order, members of the Supreme Judicial Council, the Supreme Bar Council, the National Institute of Justice, senior magistrates and legal professional organizations’ and civil society’ representatives.

At the opening, the parliament speaker Tsetska Tsacheva noted that the National Assembly was the very place where the different viewpoints and opinions on such an important issue, not to be postponed any further, as the reform strategy of the Judiciary, were to be voiced and brought together. She stressed that now is the time to discuss the views of the various institutions regarding the reform in the Jjudiciary, of all those involved in it, so as to unite on the principles, the philosophy and framework within which the reform should be carried on. The latter, according to her, was necessary in order to meet our proper high goals as well as to be successful in the partnership with the European Union. “I am convinced that at this forum which gathers the best legal minds in the country, we shall do our best to meet the expectations of Bulgaria’s citizens”, added Tsetska Tsacheva.

Justice Minister Margarita Popova presented to the audience the draft strategy for the judicial reform. The forum aims at an extensive public discussion looking to polish the draft, which is to be submitted afterwards for consideration and approval by the Council of Ministers. Minister Popova emphasized that the independence of the Judiciary is a huge privilege, to be deserved by a perfect administration of justice and high moral standards.
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