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Parliament Speaker Tsetska Tsacheva paid a visit to CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and met with Bulgarian scientists working in the unique scientific laboratory
July 21, 2010

National Assembly Chair Tsetska Tsacheva, who is taking part in the Third World Meeting of Speakers of Parliaments in Geneva, visited the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Tsetska Tsacheva conferred with CERN leaders and with scientists from Bulgaria who work for this unique intergovernmental organization. A special presentation showing the latest in the scientific work of CERN was made for Tsetska Tsacheva.

Prof. Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research at CERN, praised the work of Bulgarian scientists and assessed their scientific contributions as especially beneficial. 53 Bulgarian specialists are currently working at CERN in various experimental fields. The cooperation between Bulgaria and CERN dates back to 1980, said Prof. Felisitas Paus, Director of the International Relations Department in the organization. Bulgaria officially joined CERN in June 1999 to become the 20th member of the organization. Mrs. Paus noted that the membership of our country in CERN was unconditional recognition of the serious scientific potential of Bulgaria. Prof. Paus emphasized the significant contribution of the Bulgarian experts, who in recent years devoted their efforts to the construction of the large hadron collider (particle accelerator). During the talks it became clear that Bulgaria is also among the most active countries in the field of educational projects at CERN. Bulgarian academics and students are involved in various initiatives and projects of the organization. For example, in September this year the Bulgarian town of Varna will host the traditional CERN training course in Experimental physics. A Business Seminar will be organized in Sofia, as part of the above event, to introduce Bulgarian industrial manufacturers in the possibilities for participation in future projects of the CERN.

“We are proud of the Bulgarian scientists’ achievements and aware of the responsibility we bear as politicians to create even better conditions for them to be successful partners and worthy participants in the European and global scientific exchange”, Tsetska Tsacheva said.

Prof. Joseph Ikandela from the University of California walked the Bulgarian Speaker of parliament around the largest detector in the world, weighing 14,000 tons and noted that Bulgarian physicists and engineers had been actively involved in its design and construction.

The key issues discussed by the chair of the National Assembly and the Bulgarian scientists working at CERN were the future cooperation between Bulgaria and the European Centre for Nuclear Research and the participation of Bulgarian scientists in the European scientific exchange.
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