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National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva addresses Israeli Knesset

National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva delivered on February 7, 2011 a speech before members of the State of Israel’s Knesset. Present at the Knesset’s plenum were the participants in the Second Political Conference on “Democracy, Peace, Dialogue”, organized by the Friends of Israel in the European Parliament. The forum was held at the Knesset’s hall for official state ceremonies "Marc Chagall". Over 500 statesmen, speakers of parliament, political leaders, observers and members of the National Assembly of Bulgaria and  members of Bulgaria in the European Parliament took part in the event.

Mrs. Tsetska Tsacheva delivered her address on the second day of the forum. She stressed that in today's world Reason is engaged in a constant struggle for human dignity. She noted that the pursuit of freedom - personal and collective - is constantly confronted by and must overcome phobias, hatred, and at times even phenomena of mass psychosis. Tsetska Tsacheva said before the Knesset that the world of today faces not only the danger of the planet’s warming but also the increase in the temperature of global intolerance. She pointed out that despite the multiplying means of communication, there still exist in the world places where communication between individuals and communities is hampered and sometimes even impossible.

She further added that Bulgaria as a country being and living at the crossroads, throughout the centuries, has thought its people to communicate and that this capacity to associate and understand the other may explain one of the most important and  glorious episodes in the twentieth century history of Bulgaria - the rescue of Bulgarian Jews during World War II.

"Namely the pursuit of association and exchange with others made Bulgaria, in recent times, join the European Union, where this is most valued. The wish to consort drives our two peoples to a more fruitful cooperation. As in all times, the mankind currently vacillates between tyranny and democracy, between enlightenment and fanaticism. I am confident that our two countries, undeniably, stay together on the side of freedom, democracy and enlightenment”, concluded Tsetska Tsacheva. 

The participants in the Second Political Conference on “Democracy, Peace, Dialogue” discussed in Jerusalem the current situation in the Middle East and the prospects for partnership between the European Union and Israel.


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