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National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva attends in Veliko Turnovo the official launch of Census 2011 second phase

The event took place at 10.00 am, in the Museum of National Revival and former Constituent Assembly’s building. The old town of Turnovo is the place where in 1881 began the first census of the than Principality of Bulgaria.At the opening took also part the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Simeon Djankov, Dr. Mariana Kotseva, Head of the National Statistical Institute,Rumen Rashev, Mayor of Veliko Turnovo and Pencho Penchev – Regional Governor, state officials and citizens.
Mrs. Tsetska Tsacheva laid wreaths at the memorial tablet in front of the “Revival” Museum on the occasion of 132nd anniversary of the convention of the Constituent Assembly.
Mrs. Tsacheva noted in her address that she felt honored and privileged to be present at the former Constituent Assembly, where our founding fathers had adopted the Constitution of Turnovo 132 years ago. The act had a great historical meaning because it proclaimed before the world the reestablishment of the state of Bulgaria and was the first step towards making Bulgaria a modern European state. She recalled that at the same site, back in 1881 started the first Census of the country. The present Census, she added, is special due to the fact that it is the first to be held after Bulgaria became member of the European Union. She mentioned Bulgaria was one of 7 Member States to conduct the Census on Internet using the same methodology as the other 26. In her view these facts were enough to make Bulgarians feel national pride and self confidence.

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