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Parliament bans the change of land designation of properties located in woodlands, acquired from the state by individuals and municipalities

The use of woodland pursuant to the Forests Act may not be changed, nor may construction work be carried out on woodland, if it is acquired by a natural person or a legal entity, or by a municipal government from the State, as a result of exchange made prior to the day of the Act's promulgation in the State Gazette, Parliament resolved on Friday, approving amendments to the Forests Act on second reading. The restriction will also apply to changing woodland ownership, except in cases of acquisition of forest land by the State. The ban won’t be applied in cases when over the land a construction of national importance, in accordance with the State Property Act and the Spatial Development Act, has to be undertaken and which do become either state public or municipal property afterwards. In a month after the promulgation of the law, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food will publish a list of the properties that can not be subject to change of land designation. These properties will be marked properly as restricted for change of land designation.


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