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Lawmakers decide to tax farmers the same way as sole traders

The revenues of farmers and tobacco producers will be taxed the same way as the income of sole traders. The provision was introduced with amendments to the Natural Persons Income Tax Act, passed at second reading. The new way of taxation is to be applied also to natural persons who have VAT registration and to the rest of agricultural producers if they choose so. The new rule provides farmers and tobacco producers with the opportunity to deduct from their income the expenses incurred for their produce. The changes to the law were introduced by the GERB party faction in the parliament.

The National Assembly decided to lower the minimum social security thresholds (the minimum income for the purposes of calculating social security contributions) for nurses and deacons with amendments passed at second reading to the 2011 Public Social Insurance Budget Act. Social security thresholds for nurses, midwifes and lab technicians are fixed at BGN 500 to 580. The changes were needed in order to obviate the disparities created with the recently adopted National classification of professions and positions. Around 1000 priests in the country will be asked to pay social security contributions based on a minimum threshold of BGN 307. The amendments are to take effect on April 1, 2011.

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