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National Assembly is hosting a photo exhibition of the International Children’s and Eastern Festival in Bosilegrad, Serbia

The exhibition consists of 23 photo pictures reflecting the history of the festival, the spiritual monuments, the churches, the folk traditions and crafts of the region of Bosilegrad, its history and present. Bosilegrad this year will host on 22 – 25 April, the 18th edition of the festival. The exhibition was opened by the parliamentary Committee on Culture, Civil Society and Media chair Daniela Petrova, who noted that the Bulgarian parliament provides regularly assistance to the unique festival for children. It is organized by the Information and Cultural Center of the Bulgarian minority in Bosilegrad. Daniela Petrova added that at the eve of the most revered Christian holiday, the Bulgarian parliament is keen to support this tradition and to offer to the children educational materials and presents.

Alexander Dimitrov, one of the organizers of the festival, thanked the National Assembly for hosting the exhibition and expressed hope that the latter would be shown in Brussels. He underscored that the support received from the institutions has helped the organizers to overcome the difficulties and keep the tradition. He added that the festival aims at preparing the children for a life in a world without borders, in which they will be able to communicate regardless of their differences and said the Festival in 2011 gathers children from 7 countries. Last year the number of participants was 757 children from 4 Balkan countries.

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