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Since its beginning the 41st National Assembly has adopted 303 laws, 255 decisions and 5 addresses and declarations

Legislative work


Since its beginning the 41st National Assembly has adopted 303 laws, 255 decisions, 5 addresses and declarations. The information prepared by the Legislative Affairs and European Law Directorate reflects the legislative work performed in the period between 14 July 2009 and 20 April 2011. The 41st National Assembly has held 240 plenary sittings, 16 of which extraordinary. In this period 501 draft bills were submitted to the National Assembly, 282 moved by the Council of Ministers.


During the period of 14 July 2009 – 20 April 2011, the National Assembly   has considered 325 decisions, 291 moved by deputies, as well as 15 draft addresses and declarations.


During its Fifth Session the 41st National Assembly had passed 62 laws and 36 decisions. During the same session, i.e. 11 January 2011 – 20 April 2011, the National Assembly had received 74 draft laws, 42 submitted by members of the parliament and 32 moved by the Council of Ministers.


During the Fifth Session, 46 draft decisions were submitted to the National Assembly, some 36 proposed by members of the parliament. The National Assembly has held 43 plenary sittings, two of which extraordinary.  



Parliamentary oversight


To this date, the 41st National Assembly had received 1654 questions and 311 interpellations. 712 questions and 28 interpellations received written answers, while 942 questions and 283 interpellations were answered orally.  In total 1421 questions and 239 interpellations were replied. The parliament has held deliberations on 4 interpellations and has held 3 hearings. 54 reports of hearings held in the parliamentary committees were distributed to the national representatives.


One confidence and one non confidence motions were submitted since the beginning of the 41st National Assembly.


The overview of the parliamentary control activity shows that since the beginning of their mandate the PP GERB parliamentary group has put forward 68 questions and 26 interpellations; the Coalition for Bulgaria PG 800 questions and 149 interpellations; the Movement for Rights and Freedoms PG 62 questions and 12 interpellations; the Blue Coalition PG – 429 questions and 35 interpellations; the Ataka PG - 210 questions and 37 interpellations; the independent MPs 55 questions and 46 interpellations.


Those who had to answer the highest number of questions and interpellations by their order were: Rosen Plevneliev – Minister of Regional Development and Public Works – 167 questions and 33 interpellations; Miroslav Naidenov – Minister of Agriculture and Foods – 151 questions and 22 interpellations; Traicho Traikov – Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism – 140 questions and 18 interpellations; Simeon Djankov  - Finance Minister – 134 questions and 21 interpellations; Tsvetan Tsvetanov – 116 questions and 20 interpellations.

The Prime Minister Boyko Borisov had answered 39 questions and 38 interpellations.


The order of deputies who raised the highest amount of questions and interpellations is the following: Ivan Nikolaev Ivanov (Blue Coalition) – 150 questions and 12 interpellations; Vanyo Sharkov (BC) 109 questions and 1 interpellation; Luchezar Toshev (BC) – 71 questions and 10 interpellations; Maya Manolova (Coalition for Bulgaria) – 62 questions and 3 interpellations; Kornelia Ninova (CB) – 58 questions and 16 interpellations; Yane Yanev (Independent) – 34 questions and 40 interpellations.


In the course of the 41st National Assembly’s Fifth Session a total of 367 questions and 59 interpellations were put forward. 284 questions and 33 interpellations were answered.


Two of the interpellations were debated in the plenary hall. The parliamentary committees have held 10 hearings and the reports on their findings were distributed to the members of parliament thereafter.  On January 2011 the National Assembly voted confidence in the overall policy of the Cabinet, headed by PM Boyko Borisov.



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