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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon writes in the National Assembly’s book of official guests: “I welcome Bulgaria’s parliament for its leading role and support to the achievement of the common global goals

The United Nations Secretary-General has met with the President of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva as well as with members of the parliament’s presidential Council. The guest was received by Tsetska Tsacheva who introduced him into the history of the building and the institution and took him around the plenary hall.

At the meeting with the members of the presidential Council, Tsetska Tsacheva noted that the Bulgarian deputies were very pleased to greet the UN Secretary – General and to be able to express their commitment and support for the objectives of the world organization and the problems that the latter is called to solve.

On his behalf Ban Ki-moon pointed out that one of his priorities as UN Secretary - General was to encourage the cooperation between parliaments around the world as they were elected to implement the will of the people and to translate the international agreements into the language of the national law. The UN Secretary General emphasized that UNO highly appreciates its partnership with Bulgaria and the country’s support for the achievement of the common goals. In his words, the experience of Bulgaria with implementing democratic changes and the transition towards market economy could be very useful to the peoples in the Near East and North Africa. He noted that global sustainability and development was a priority for both the UNO and the European Union, to which Bulgaria was a member.  

Among the key subjects discussed at the meeting were the rights of women and children, the nuclear safety, the UN role for maintaining the world peace and international security, the cooperation between parliaments.

In his statement written in the official guests' book of the National Assembly Mr. Ki-moon says: “It has been a great honor for me to visit Bulgaria in my capacity as UN Secretary-General. I welcome the leading role of the Bulgarian parliament and its commitment to the common objectives of the organization.

I commend your efforts at overcoming the difficult challenges and your work for a better world. I expect our common work to go on".  
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