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National Assembly adopts Declaration against attempts at undermining the ethnic and religious peace in the country

The inclusion of the declaration as an addition to the weekly agenda was proposed by the president of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva.

The declaration was submitted by Ivan Kostov(the Blue Coalition), Krasimir Velchev(GERB), Angel Naidenov(Coalition for Bulgaria) and Lutvi Mestan(Movement for Rights and Freedoms).

With the declaration the members of the parliament condemn categorically the act of aggression displayed by the “Ataka” political party on May 20, 2011 against religious Muslims. They consider it particularly outrageous because of the fact that it was done on Friday, a sacred day for the Muslims, during the time of their mandatory prayer. The members of the parliament state that with this act the party in question is isolating itself from the rest of the Bulgarian democratic society. The declaration points out that the attitude of “Ataka” is completely foreign to the Bulgarian people and their religious and ethnic tolerance.

The declaration further says: “We express our deep concern about the attempts to undermine the ethnic peace in the country and to instigate religious tensions between the Bulgarian citizens. Following the aggressive act attempt, which represents a treat to the national security of Bulgaria, we consider that the “Ataka” political party is dangerous to the government of the country”.   

“According to the Bulgarian Constitution the use of religious communities and institutions and religious beliefs for political purposes is inadmissible. We, the members of parliament insist that all competent state institutions including the prosecution and the court authorities should undertake the necessary measures to ensure the observance of the Constitution and the laws of Republic of Bulgaria”, ends the declaration.

The deputies also urged the mass media to take a responsible position in this tense and provocative situation and abstain from the use of hate language.  

Stanislav Stanilov, an MP from “Ataka” noted that his parliamentary group will not partake in the discussion and the vote of the declaration as they consider it to be illegitimate. Yavor Notev an MP from “Ataka” read the letter, signed by the group leader Volen Siderov addressed to the Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov. The letter informs the Interior Minister that the “Ataka” party is conducting an internal investigation of the persons involved in the case, which consisted of putting on fire the prayer mat of a Muslim near the Central Mosque in the capital on 20 May 2011 and the results reached up to this moment show that the latter are not members of the “Ataka” party.   

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