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In the person of Bulgaria China has a friend in the European Union, says National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva
National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva praised the relations between the two countries and stressed that China has become a partner of primary importance to Bulgaria on the Asian continent. She went on to express her willingness that the bilateral contacts be further enhanced and substantiated to become more pragmatic and result-oriented. We are delighted to have the opportunity, as a EU member-state, to bring for the development of fruitful relations between China and the EU, said Tsetska Tsacheva.  

The National Assembly President underscored that the parliamentary Legal Committee maintains very close relations with its counterpart committee at the All-Chinese Assembly of People’s Representatives, some of whose members have already visited their Bulgarian colleagues.

On the occasion of the yesterday’s Bulgarian holiday – the Unification Day, Gen. Xu Tsayhou extended best wishes for the prosperity of Bulgaria and for the well-being of the Bulgarian people. You have friendly feelings for China and we are highly appreciative and grateful for that, he went on to say. The Chinese guest stressed the fact, that during the past 62 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the People’s Republic of  China, the bilateral relations have stood the tests of history and the variable international politics. He expressed his hope that the two countries would continue rendering each other support on issues of mutual interest. “Bulgaria is a country of long history and brilliant culture, a cradle of the European civilization. As a good friend and partner we are genuinely happy to witness the successes achieved by Bulgaria over the recent years”, noted Gen. Xu Tsayhou. He conveyed to the National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva greetings from the President of the All-Chinese Assembly of People’s Representatives Wu Bango.

The meeting with the Chinese delegation was attended by the Minister of Defense Anyu Angelov, the Chairman of the Foreign and Defense Policy Committee Dobroslav Dimitrov, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee Dimo Gyaurov, the Chairman of the Group for Friendship with China Mihail Mikov. Gen. Xu Tsayhou is paying a three-day visit to Bulgaria on the invitation of Minister Anyu Angelov.
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