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National Assembly passes regulation concerning alcohol consumption of captains and sailors

A ship crew member, while on duty, whose breath alcohol concentration is over 0,5 per mille and alcohol blood concentration more than 0,25 mg/l is to be punished by a temporary, six month long withholding of his right to work and a fine of BGN 1000. The new rule is introduced with amendments to the Merchant Shipping Code, submitted by the Council of Ministers and adopted on first reading by the parliament.


The bill’s movers explain that the Executive Agency “Maritime Administration” is already equipped with breath and blood measurement devices for alcohol consumption, certified in compliance with Bulgaria’s legal requirements.

In order to facilitate the fright shipping in inland waterways the previous license requirement was abolished. According to the parliamentary committee on transportation, the amendment will help new companies in the field of transportation services enter the market.

The changes of the law are strenghtening the control and the prevention of pollution from ships. The state Maritime Administration Agency is to exercise the ecological control over the country’s navigation.

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