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National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva and members of the parliament took part in the celebrations dedicated to the 103rd anniversary of Bulgaria’s declaration of independence

The date September 22nd contains all that – greatness, faith in freedom and upsurge, patriotism, sovereign state dignity, diplomatic wisdom, unity in the name of a common goal. These are words from the address of the National Assembly’s president Tsetska Tsacheva, delivered at the national celebration, dedicated to the 103rd year since the proclamation of the  independence of Bulgaria. Tsetska Tsacheva pointed out that 103 years ago, at the same place, in the old capital Tarnovo, the steadfast aspiration for and ability of Bulgarians to take in their hands their own history had triumphed. They have accomplished this by themselves, thanks to their free will to determine the historic destiny of their fatherland, the speaker of parliament underscored.


In the town of Veliko Tarnovo, Tsetska Tsacheva and members of the parliament attended the Holy Liturgy held at the “St Forty Martyrs” church by the bishop of Veliko Tarnovo Grigoriy. Flowers were served at the tomb of Tsar Kaloyan (Bulgarian ruler 1197-1207) and the Manifest, proclaiming the independence of Bulgaria was read.


Later on, the chair and members of the parliament attended the military rite of hoisting the national flag at the “Tsarevets” fortress. Tsetska Tsacheva welcomed the public on the occasion of the anniversary. “Standing at the high hill of Tsarevets, let us take a look to Bulgaria and recall how the founders of our state had created it, with the notion that it should be a well protected and cozy home for all", she declared. She urged everyone to recall the times of unity, not those of division.


She added that the big issues, the ones of national importance should unite political forces and public opinion. Independence Day in its essence, she added, should be a celebration of our ability to be successful continuers of our forefathers’ deeds. She called on the society to get united around the big goals of modern Bulgaria. The speaker of parliament stressed that democracy, freedom and independence are values, in need of protection on a daily basis.


The president of the National Assembly joined the festive procession of 600 students from 19 schools. She also paid a visit to the two exhibitions titled: “Independence Day of Bulgaria – National Observances” and “The Epoch of Tsar Ferdinand I”.


The culmination of Independence Day celebrations was the tattoo ceremony held at the Tsar Asen Square in Veliko Tarnovo.

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