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National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva met with the Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Germany’s Bundestag Eduard Oswald

Bulgaria has gone through an exceptional development in the last ten years and continues forward successfully. I do assure you that Germany will assist Bulgaria as it has done so far. This is what the vice-president of the Federal Republic of Germany’s Bundestag Eduard Oswald said during the meeting with Tsetska Tsacheva.
The President of the National Assembly has thanked Germany for the support extended to the country throughout the years."Your visit is the repeated testimony of the exceptionally good and friendly relations between our two countries in all aspects of the bilateral relations and our partnership in the European Union", stated Tsetska Tsacheva. She praised highly the development of the parliamentary connections between Bulgaria and Germany.
Tsetska Tsacheva pointed out that Bulgaria’s goal was to join Schengen and emphasized that Bulgaria had introduced all the necessary legislation for the purpose.
The vice-president of the Bundestag underscored the importance of the parliaments in the two countries for the preservation of stability. He noted  members of parliaments could achieve stability not only by legislating but mostly by meeting with people in order to find the best solutions. The successful dialogue with citizens defines the right path of our political development, stressed Eduard Oswald. We both have to convince our citizens about the necessary for our future reforms.
The Vice-President of the Bundestag repeated that Germany will continue to actively work and encourage the trade and business contacts between the two countries.
A part of Mr. Oswald, the talks were attended by Bernard Schulte-Druggelte, member of the Bundestag and Prof. Michael Kemper van der Bogart, Berlin’s Humboldt University Vice-President. The latter is at the head of a delegation visiting the National Assembly with the task to select the next interns for the program held by the Bundestag called: “International Parliamentary Practice”.
The chair of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva assessed highly the above program of the Bundestag, adding it provides young Bulgarians with an exeptional opportunity to learn from the experience of the German colleagues.
Mr. Oswald met also with members of the parliamentary Committee on European Affairs and European Funds Control and the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. He noticed the big achievements of Bulgaria and praised the efforts. He said Bulgaria is not alone on its way but has friends, who, like the Germans do, has to try to be always on the right track.
The German guest emphasized that parliamentarism and democracy were two notions mutually linked. He noticed the through parliamentary life and activity are exercised by the committees of the parliament.
The problems of the Euro zone were discussed also. The Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense Chairman Dobroslav Dimitrov confirmed before the guest that Bulgaria is one of the countries observing strictly the financial discipline. With regards to the EU cohesion policy Monika Panayotova, Chairperson of the Committee on European Affairs and European Funds Control stressed the interest of Bulgaria to keep basic infrastructure projects a priority. 


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