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Draft law concerning rights and care of children discussed at a roundtable in the parliament

At the opening of the roundtable to discuss the draft Law on Children the president of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva said caring for children is not only a matter of rights and obligations but also a measure of society’s dignity.

The forum is held at the initiative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.  The event aim is to hold a broad public discussion on the spirit and the provisions of the draft law before it enters the plenary hall.

The chair of the parliament noticed that the care of children should be at the attention of the whole society, as well as a priority for every politician. Tsetska Tsacheva noted the law stipulates for the first time measures to prevent the risks and to help families in bringing up and care about children. The emphasis is put on the coordination between the different bodies and officials in charge of child protection and their specific duties. She underscored that the law introduces new international standards for protection of disabled children, conformant to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and specific measures to prevent developmental retardation in children with disabilities.

The representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy pointed out that the proposed law takes into cosideration every child not only the disabled.  

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