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Amendments to the Administration Act fix the different administrations of the executive branch of power personnel number

The administrations of the executive branch of power will have a fixed permanent number of employees. This number will remain the same as the one fixed at the beginning with the act establishing the particular administration.  This amendment to the Administration Act was passed at first reading by the parliament. The changes adopted do not prevent the decrease of the number of employees. Alterations in the administrations could only be authorized by the Council of Ministers on their proposal. The law does not concern municipal administrations, where the number of employees is decided by the municipal council on the mayor’s proposal.

Deputies passed also another draft for amendments to the Administration Act submitted also by the Council of Ministers. This draft regulates in detail the so called “consultative bodies”. The latter will include representatives from other state institutions and local authorities, representatives from the non-governmental sector and all who have some interest in the particular activity of this body. The consultative bodies will have a regular and in some cases an enlarged membership including members without voting rights. The government consultative bodies are set up to work on a particular task described in their annual programmes and will report to the Council of Ministers once a year. 

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