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Bulgarian parliamentary delegation led by the President of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva welcomed to the parliament of India

Mrs. Meira Kumar, the first woman Speaker of the Lok Sabha, said she is very satisfied and honored by the presence of the Bulgarian members of parliament, who came for an official visit to India’s parliament on her invitation. She asked Tsetska Tsacheva to convey on her behalf cordial greetings to the president and prime minister of Bulgaria, as well as her sincerest and best wishes to the Bulgarian people. Together with their colleagues in the parliament of India, the Bulgarian deputies honored with a minute of silence the victims of the terrorist attack held in Mumbai in 2008. The Bulgarian delegation had the chance to listen to the parliamentary debate, which broke out after the government’s decision to increase the ceiling of direct foreign investments in certain sectors of the Indian economy.
The National Assembly president Tsetska Tsacheva and the delegation were invited at the big plenary hall where the two houses of the Indian parliament hold joint meetings and where visiting state heads are delivering their speeches and addresses. They also had informal talks with members of the ruling party and the opposition. Indian deputies told Tsetska Tsacheva they follow with interest the social and political development of Bulgaria and expressed readiness to work towards enlargement of the cooperation between the two countries.
The Bulgarian parliamentarians had talks with the Indian Minister of Justice, the Minister of Agriculture, with the Minister of New and Renewable Energy , the Minister of Defense, the State Minister of Parliamentary Affaires and the Minister of Planning. The talks revealed the areas for cooperation of common interest such as the military, economic, pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical industries. 

Mani Shankar Aiar, former collaborator to Radjiv Gandhi and present member of the parliament welcomed Tsetska Tsacheva and voiced his admirations towards the well known Bulgarian journalist Daniela Kuneva. In his words the journalist is a remarkable person with a broad knowledge of India and Indian politics. Several women MPs recalled  their warm memories of a visit to Bulgaria back in 1980 for an international forum. They expressed satisfaction with the growing influence of women in politics recently and underscored that Bulgaria and India are good examples in this respect, with women heading the parliaments in the two countries.

At the Indian parliament’ library Tsetska Tsacheva was shown a unique calligraphic copy of the Indian Constitution, produced in 1950 on occasion of the 50th anniversary since its adoption.

During the visit of the Bulgarian parliamentary delegation was signed an Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Government of the Republic of India for Cooperation in the field of Health and Medicine.

The deputies had also talks with India’s Minister of State for External Affairs Mrs. Preneet Kaur, who gave high marks to the cooperation between India and Bulgaria in International organizations and expressed gratitude for the support of Bulgaria for the election of India as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for 2011-2012. Minister Kaur praised the successful economic policy of Bulgaria despite the world economic crisis.

Right at 18 o’clock local time, the Speaker of the Lower House Mrs. Meira Kumar will welcome the President of Bulgaria’s National Assembly at the Official Hall of the parliament's Library, where the plenary talks between the two parties are to take place.

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