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Parliament has approved the 2010 Annual Report of the National Health Insurance Fund

The National Assembly has approved the Annual Report of the NHIF for 2010. During the year 2010 the NHIF authorities have performed the total of 3247 check ups in the system, including 1322 financial audits, the rest concerning the provision of healthcare services. That is 25, 6 % more than in 2009. In average, each inspection uncovered 3, 1 violations. The regulation breaches committed most often refer to the diagnostics and treatment standards, deviations of the rules for hospitalization of patients, lack of treatment of concomitant diseases, mixed work hours for hospital and ambulatory care of doctors. The report notes that the political situation in the country during the period has been influenced by the world financial and economic crisis which reflected in a negative way on the political, economic and social conditions in Bulgaria. The healthcare system is one of the basic sectors impacted by the crisis, the document reveals.


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