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The newly elected President and Vice-President of Bulgaria take oath of office at the National Assembly

The newly elected President and Vice-President of Republic of Bulgaria Mr Rosen Plevneliev and Mrs Margarita Popova were sworn in office at the National Assembly on January 19th 2012. The sitting of the parliament was broadcasted live on the Bulgarian National Radio and Television.  

The ceremony was attended by outgoing President Mr Georgi Parvanov, by Prime Minister Mr Boyko Borisov, His Holiness the Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim, members of the Cabinet and the Constitutional Court, by the former presidents of Bulgaria – Mr Zhelio Zhelev and Mr Petar Stoyanov, diplomats and state institutions’ representatives, media heads.

At the start of the ceremony the chair of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva read the decision of the Central Electoral Commission declaring the election of Mr Rosen Plevneliev and Mrs Margarita Popova as the future president and vice-president of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Mr Rossen Plevneliev and Mrs Margarita Popova took the oath of office before the National Assembly and signed the declaration. They kissed the cross and greeted the Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim. The National and European Union’s Anthem were performed in the plenary hall.

In his inaugural address Mr Rosen Plevneliev stated that his cause with respect to Bulgaria was to transform it into an average developed state, with developed regions and competitive economy, in which people have a dignified life, young people remain in the country and see a future for themselves. He added Bulgaria enjoys stability at the present and needs to work towards growth and increased employment.  

Rosen Plevneliev stressed that as President he would be firmly committed to work for the European development of Bulgaria, directed at the more effective and speedy integration of the country with the European Union. He noted that he considers as inadmissible the people of Botev and Levski to be pointed to as example of a corrupted nation in Europe. “I am firmly decided not to yield to this situation and to mobilize all the available resources of the society to solve this problem” he said further.

Mr Rosen Plevneliev declared his intention to be president of all Bulgarians. He noted that he would defend the party neutrality of the institution and stick to its already undertaken and new commitments. He thanked the former, democratically elected presidents Zhelev, Stoyanov and Parvanov, for their work for the successful transition of the country into a modern democracy, for the prestige of the institution within the country and around the world.

The new head of state Mr Plevneliev continued his speech saying the problems should be solved with the people’s active participation and before their eyes. He further announced his wish to be the pragmatic president working in favor of the national interests and all Bulgarians’ benefit. He promised to be the type of political arbitrator loyal only to the national interests and priorities and to transform the office of the President into a center for public debate on issues important for Bulgarians, to seek the balance between the institutions, as well as the balance between the institutions and the citizens.

At the end of his address Mr Plevneliev made the remark that political controversy was the engine of democracy. He urged politicians to preserve their criticism towards the mistakes of others and of their own, but not to achieve the triumph over the political adversary at the expense of the national priorities.

The Speaker of parliament Mrs Tsetska Tsacheva reassured the newly elected Bulgarian President that the Assembly was ready to be an active partner to the Presidency in every initiative undertaken in the interest of Bulgaria and the well-being of its citizens.

“I have said and will repeat it, we have to work for our unity, and when I say unity I mean agreement for the direction", Tsetska Tsacheva stated. She added that the consent of the political forces should cover not only the direction in which the country should go, but also comprise the conviction that they should go together, preserving the sense of community – for all, for all kind of professions, for all social strata and ethnic groups, for everyone old and young,  and for all citizens of the country, for all those who are to contribute to the common life and to share the responsibility to making our life better and more meaningful” she added.

She wished the president-elect to be successful in uniting the nation. “You Mr President finished your speech with a through and undisputable observation: We, all Bulgarians, if we want to, we can be constructive. I wish you to work in such a way, so that at the end of your term we, all Bulgarians, become more responsible towards our country, towards each other, more united and more happy”, said Mrs Tsetska Tsacheva.

The oath ceremony ended with a joint photo picture taken in front of the official entrance of the National Assembly, of members of parliament, of the newly elected president and vice-president and of official guests.

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