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Members of the Parliament freeze their salaries at 2009 level until the end of 2012

The Bulgarian deputies decided to freeze their salaries at the 2009 level. The decision was supported by 133 deputies, 3 deputies voted against and 1 abstained. The decision which will take effect from February 1, 2012 and will last to the end of 2012 was proposed by the GERB parliamentary group. The additional payments to the base salary remain the same and are calculated in conformity with the Rules of Procedure and Organization of the National Assembly and the adopted decision.

The National Assembly terminated in advance the mandate of the head of the National Health Insurance Fund Nelly Nesheva. For the dismissal voted 116 deputies, 3 were against and 8 abstained. The Fund’s director tendered her resignation last Friday, after a public outrage broke out, due to her receiving a bonus towards her salary of 2011at the amount of BGN 13 000. In the resignation letter Nesheva explains that she is not accepting and willing her case to be used for political ends and speculations.

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