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Parliament approves at first reading a 140 km/h speed limit for cars on motorways

A 140 km/h speed limit for car driving on motorways is envisaged with amendments to the Roads Act, passed at first reading by the parliament with 93 “yes” votes, 23 against and 8 abstentions. The highest speed allowed up to now was 130 km/h. Deputies have included in the law a definition of “high speed road”. These roads must have lanes in each direction, separated by a dividing strip. Each direction of the motorway must have at least 2 lanes. The crossings of the motorways with other roads, streets, rail or tramways can be at different levels only. Protective wire-netting of the motorways is mandatory, as well as the availability of special emergency stopping lanes and rest areas.  .

The speed limit on major roads is to be 120 km/h. The amendments ban the placement of advertizing banners close to motor and major ways and their serving areas. For the rest of the roads the placement of advertisements is allowed, but at not less than 8 m away from the end of the road pavement. Construction of commercial and service facilities along and in the near vicinity of the motor and major ways is allowed, as well as the road infrastructure securing the access to them. The facilities must be positioned at not less than 3 km before or after the road junctions. The law gives a six month term after taking effect for the already existing advertizing banners to be reinstalled in conformity with the safety rules stipulated in the law. 

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